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 This course provides over 1800 hours of training in Front End Development. The great thing is it provides work exercises to go along with the lessons. Lessons are short and straight to the point so it's easy to learn and retain information.

CS50 Introduction to Computer Science ( This course is free, students just have to make an account and sign up. There's an option to pay $99 for a certificate of completion which they absolutely do not need although the website might ask once or twice. The course is a series of recordings of an intro level computer science class from THE Harvard university. There aren't assignments online but the lectures are really good. They also film with his live class so a lot of students have great questions. It also shows what college will be like for the first two years where you sit in a LARGE auditorium full of kids; the class moves at the professor's pace and he goes over new topics each class. 


Discovery Precalculus

( This course is taught by a math professor at UT Austin. It's geared towards teaching high school students. The first part covers topics they should have learned in high school (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, etc.) and then later in the course it covers a bit of Calculus I or the high school version is Calculus AB and it even touches on Calculus 2 or Calculus BC. The professor really tries to explain and build a good understanding of the fundamentals that are definitely used in college. Mastery of these topics are good because in college math courses, professors don't spend a day or two reviewing what students should know.

Introduction to Psychology ( The course is from Yale and there are lots of videos so students can learn at their own pace. The reviews for the course and the professor were great too. 

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